25 Aug 2021 -

Counterfeit ‘plague’ is now a universal problem, says SCB

Electronics counterfeit mitigation

Counterfeit goods are now everywhere, claims SupplyChainBrain (SCB), adding that it’s a “universal problem” that plagues almost every industry from counterfeit electronic components to counterfeit wines.

“While manufacturers and distributors lose billions of dollars annually to counterfeit goods, the risks to consumers can be even greater.”

“Identifying counterfeit goods that enter the supply chain can be difficult, if not impossible. China is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and is also the world’s largest source of counterfeit goods, despite new crackdowns by government authorities. Since there’s no central policing authority to monitor the shipment of goods, it’s up to each country to do the best it can to eliminate phony products from imports and exports,” writes SCB.

“Another challenge is the quality of exported goods. Factory seconds are often passed off as quality goods. In the Chinese wholesale market, for example, Grade-A goods may be manufactured by factories licensed to make authentic branded products, while lesser-grade goods may be diverted as factory seconds or manufactured in the same factories using lower-grade materials. When low-grade units are passed off as quality products, even those managing the supply chain are unaware of when goods are phony.”

“The counterfeiters now, in fact, have original manufacturers’ equipment. They can silkscreen and really make the parts look to be very, very much the part that you require and in some respects, can actually go past first initial tests, electrical tests, or they could actually meet some of the characteristics that would indicate that it’s the same family,” says Astute’s owner and MD, Geoff Hill.

There are several ways to combat fake chips. Says Geoff, “When you’re buying products without any warranty or traceability, you have to test. There’s a AS6081 spec that we use mainly for semiconductors and for components generally. It ranges a whole range of equipment that we’ve been doing for many, many years.”

Astute is a highly accredited, quality-driven procurement expert, with a list of clients that includes the world’s leading defence suppliers. Our mission is to shield you against inferior quality products and services. As such, our operations are run in accordance with quality processes including AS6081 that mitigates the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. Find out more about our counterfeit mitigation techniques by contacting one of our experts.

We have on-site anti-counterfeit testing facilities in both the U.K. and U.S. for carrying out a range of destructive and non-destructive testing, as shown here:

Either through the hundreds of manufacturers we purchase directly from, or the international network of component supply-partners offering full product traceability, Astute Safe-Supply, run by sourcing experts and offers a deeper insight into the global components markets.

With real-time access to the latest listings and prices cultivated through several decades of close supplier partnerships, we are able to spot price disparities and leverage product price variances to deliver cost-effective solutions to customers, whilst ensuring a quality, risk-free supply.

For more help with looking at supply chain options, contact Astute Electronics here

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