19 Dec 2023 -

AOG Technics in dawn raid, one arrest

The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has launched a major criminal investigation into AOG Technics Ltd, an aircraft parts supplier. This action follows a raid in London, where one individual was arrested, reports Reuters.

AOG Technics has been a key player in the global aviation supply chain since 2015, providing parts for the world’s leading passenger and cargo aircraft engines, the CF56 and CF6. These parts were sold not just in the UK but globally, to companies that install airline parts, as well as UK airlines, maintenance providers, and parts suppliers. The UK’s aviation industry, significantly impacted by this scandal, is worth £34.5 billion.

The investigation was prompted by alerts issued earlier this year by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. These alerts were directed at aviation businesses that might have bought or installed AOG’s parts. The safety implications of this situation are severe, leading to the grounding of some planes in the UK and the US.

In this SFO news release, Director Nick Ephgrave QPM of the SFO emphasised the gravity of the allegations, stating that the case involves “very serious allegations of fraud involving the supply of aircraft parts.” The SFO is working in close coordination with the CAA and other regulatory bodies to scrutinise the information obtained and to determine the grounds for prosecution.

This incident has led to a significant response from the aviation industry, with major players like Safran and GE Aerospace’s CFM International taking legal action against AOG Technics. Over 126 aircraft worldwide have been pulled from service to remove the impacted engines. CFM International has stated, “Safety is our first priority,” underscoring their commitment to working with operators affected by unauthorised parts and supporting efforts to maintain the integrity of the global supply chain.

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