13 Dec 2023 -

Amphenol Stingray 7 – A crucial connection for risky missions

stingray connector

Amphenol’s Stingray connectors are used in demanding environments and challenging situations worldwide.

One example is a crucial rescue mission in dense woodland with poor conditions. The Stingray 7 directly contributed to the rescue team’s search efforts by providing a dynamic connection between personnel and their equipment. The search team could not only quickly disconnect when required, but could also move through dense vegetation and rough terrain without having to worry about snagging cables and breaking communication.


Amphenol’s new Stingray 7

By design, Stingray 7 is low profile, and with IP68 sealing it’s a reliable connector that can survive the elements and allow teams to focus on the job at hand without worrying about the functionality of their hardware.

Amphenol’s 360º quick mate and break connector brings versatility to the field, with an all-new aluminium body and power capabilities of more than 100 watts.

Available in sand, olive and black, STINGRAY 7 looks and acts the part, offering unrivalled connectivity for applications where movement and speed are critical. Easily disconnect body worn devices or dock airbourne devices such as drones. The only connector of its kind on the market, STINGRAY 7 improves on Amphenol’s previous STINGRAY connectors to make it the ultimate magnetic connector.

Whether a rescue mission, a reconnaissance operation, or armed combat, Stingray is the tool for the job.

Download the Stingray brochure here.

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