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Avon Magnetics

This project, titled “Surveillance Radar Equipment”, aimed to develop a cutting-edge radar system for military aircraft. The system required fast-switching components capable of delivering an efficient and stable voltage output, while also being robust and resilient for frontline aviation use.

Technical Challenges

The primary challenge was to engineer a solution using transistor technology that would ensure a continuous, uninterrupted voltage output. A critical aspect was the dimension constraints of the final product, necessitating the use of PCB transistors that could be easily soldered onto specific circuit boards. A significant hurdle was the requirement for a 100-Volt operating voltage, a demand that surpassed the capabilities of existing technology, as reliable components for operation above 60 Volts were not available.

The Astute Solution

To overcome these challenges, Astute focused on developing a new type of Power MOSFET transistor capable of functioning at the required high voltage. Collaborating with Transys Electronics Ltd, they pioneered a Silicon N-channel device using advanced drench technology. Ensuring a low RDS(ON) resistance was paramount, as it directly affects power efficiency. The packaging size of the new devices was another critical factor, with the TO-247 package form being selected to fit within the circuit board dimensions, despite procurement difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After experimenting with various configurations, the team successfully created prototypes that met the operational requirements. These new MOSFETs were extensively tested and proved to function reliably at elevated voltage levels with the desired low RDS(ON) resistance.

These components have been integrated into the redesigned radar units, delivering the requisite fast-switching action and stable voltage output.

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