Industry Leadership

Astute Electronics is an active participant in various government and industry consultative groups, ensuring it remains at the forefront of advancements in electronics procurement, distribution and delivery.

Ministry of Defence

Astute is a highly-accredited electronics distributor and procurement specialist to the world’s leading defence suppliers. As a member of the Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group (CAWG), Astute has played a leading role in defining and updating the MoD’s Defence Standard 05-135, accompanied by the Counterfeit Avoidance Maturity Model, that defines how a supplier is managing the risk of counterfeit material entering the MoD’s supply chain.

ADS Group

Astute is an active member of ADS Group; the trade association representing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors. As a leading light in counterfeit detection, we want to share our experiences for the benefit of everybody in the supply chain – from the Primes, down through their Tiers. As an active ADS member, Astute works across industry and government, helping them identify best practices for procuring electronics components and respond to risks in the supply chain.